"Quality is in the Details"

History               Our History:
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    From a corn field in the summer of 2005, Trussworthy Components
Job Photos     grew and shipped its first truss in April of 2006. The Great Recession
Contact Us     forced us to focus on the things people wanted, namely impeccable
         quality and great service. It was no accident that our motto became
         "Quality is in the Details." During those uncertain times, our quality,
         good key people, and the grace of God, allowed us to develop while over
         25% of the nation's truss plants closed their doors. Our staff has
         a combined experience of over 200 years in the building industry;
         of which over 100 of them are truss industry specific.

        We started out with just one manually operated component saw, and two
        manually adjustable truss tables. Over the years, we have almost doubled
        our floor space, and are now using state-of-the-art computerized saws,
        auto jigging truss tables, and a laser guided setup system. We still have
        the manual saw by the way.... While most of our orders are job-site
        delivered within a 100 mile radius, we have shipped our components
        as far away as Montana, Wyoming, and Mexico!

        Even though we are a wholesaler to lumber yards, we still welcome
        people to stop in and discuss their projects with us. We want to be your
        partner in your project, as we strive in getting things correct the first
        time around.

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